I'm a DevOps Engineer, Software Architect, and Software Developer and identify myself as a non-binary person.

I'm working daily with cloud providers like GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS (Amazon Web Services), and (DO) Digital Ocean. I construct and design microservices and software infrastructure.

I believe we should automate every task we do there should repeater more than on time so did not create mistakes more than once, that's why I really love DevOps Engineering and I believe we are leaving in an abstract world where problems not are centralized to a single point of failure but can be solved by using a microservice architecture that's why I love to work with Software Architect as well.

If you want to come in contact with me you can type a mail on hi@pnk.sh or you can visit my personal website



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Paris Nakita Kejser

DevOps Engineer, Software Architect, Software Developer, Data Scientist and identify me as a non-binary person.